We all prefer to solve problems on our own. We’d love to resolve conflicts one-on-one, and come to an agreement where both parties leave the negotiating table satisfied. But sometimes things get complicated. Very often this results in a stressful, lengthy court case which becomes a major expenditure for both parties. But sometimes you can use mediation to settle your dispute. And when that happens, Lloyd Winter is the law firm to contact.

Lloyd Winter has earned a strong reputation in the Fresno area with a successful history of mediating civil lawsuits before they become long, ongoing court processes. The firm has helped numerous clients avoid the courtroom in instances of Construction Litigation, fraud, or disputes in small business, real estate and insurance. The firm is led by Principal Attorney and CEO Jody Winter. In addition to mediation, Jody Winter is an expert in legal issues pertaining to breach of contract, fraud and real property litigation, and arbitration of disputes in state and federal courts.

“At Lloyd Winter, we are well-versed in all types of civil lawsuits,” Jody said. “We are committed to resolving issues by lending a neutral ear to your dispute and working toward a solution without the hassle and high cost of entering the courtroom. Our knowledge of civil law is the best in the Fresno area, which allows our clients to settle their case quickly and effectively.”

Jody Winter and assistant Jody Panicker will take all the necessary steps to uncover the facts of your quarrel and thoroughly research all applicable laws and regulations that may come into play for the case. The law firm stresses the importance of considering mediation as an option in all civil lawsuits, and explores all opportunities to settle out of court.

“The key to our success is our ability to save our clients thousands of dollars in legal fees by doing our due diligence on their case,” Jody states. “Very often there are better options out there than getting before a judge. If there is any way to work out the issue, Lloyd Winter will find out how. Our knowledge is your power.”

If you are interested in learning more about the services of Lloyd Winter or would like to contact the firm for a consultation, please call (559) 233-3636 or visit www.lloydwinterlaw.com.

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