You Need An Experienced California Insurance Claim Lawyer

Insurance companies are known for denying valid claims and need to be held accountable. You pay into insurance for a reason. They should be accountable for every penny that they owe you.

Whether you’ve been denied your claim for car insurance, life insurance, property damage insurance, health insurance, home insurance, or disability insurance, you will need an attorney who will fight for you. LloydWinter, P.C. will represent your best interests and fight for what you deserve. We are experienced in insurance claim litigation and offer free consultations.

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Insurance Claim Attorney

Car Insurance Claim Lawyer

If your auto insurance claim has been denied or underpaid, we can help. To drive in California, we’re required to buy automobile insurance. We expect that we are protected by our insurance policies, but some companies simply refuse to pay on claims or underpay.

Auto insurance claims in California can be very complicated, especially if the situation involves a motorist who was uninsured or when personal injuries are involved. You deserve peace of mind, but for that, you’ll need a caring attorney who will fight aggressively for you.

Life Insurance Claim Lawyer

Whether someone buys a whole life, universal life, variable life or variable universal life insurance policy, their expectation was to ease the financial burden their death might bring. Yet some insurance companies don’t pay out on life insurance claims.

While there are obvious reasons why a life insurance company might not pay out including insurance fraud, policy expiration, or suicide clauses, there are also plenty of reasons to sue a life insurance company for not paying your claim.

It’s important to get the reason for the denial put into writing and to get as much documentation about the denial as possible. We can help you at every step of the process.

Property Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer

Insurers often underpay property damage insurance claims. They may try to argue that the property damage falls under an exclusion or limitation. They may argue that the claim is questionable or that you didn’t supply enough documentation of the damage.

When this happens, you will get nowhere without the help of an attorney.  It’s important to inform your insurance company quickly of any loss or damage. It’s also important to document all damages well.

Health Insurance Claims Lawyer

You may need a lawyer for health insurance claims if your claim is denied or if your coverage is canceled. Sometimes health insurance claims are a matter of life or death, but getting your health insurance claim covered is something you should be able to rely on.

California requires most people to have health coverage, so when their insurance company doesn’t come through for them, it can be especially upsetting. State law also includes new health care rights including knowing why your claim for a service or treatment was denied.

You Need An Experienced California Insurance Claim Lawyer

Home Insurance Claim Lawyer

Insurance companies sometimes undervalue damage to your home and request unneeded documents to reduce the payouts they should be paying.

If you’ve filed a claim with your home insurance company and you have been denied, underpaid, or made to jump through hoops, you need an experienced litigation attorney.

It’s important to remember that a claims adjuster is actively looking for a way to decrease the amount your insurance company will pay you when your home has been damaged or destroyed. If you have an attorney, you can direct the claims adjuster to your attorney to avoid further risking your claim.

Disability Insurance Claim Lawyer

A skilled disability insurance lawyer can help you sue when an insurance company has denied or is delaying a valid claim. We can help you recover benefits under a short-term disability policy or a long-term disability policy.

Whether you need help with an ERISA disability insurance claim or a private disability insurance claim, it’s best to have a lawyer behind you.

California Insurance Claim Lawyer

If you are faced with underpayment or denial of an insurance claim, contact us for a free consultation. We are dedicated to helping clients in their most urgent time of need. When your insurance claim has been denied or underpaid, it may feel like you can’t count on people when you need them most.

The compassionate team at LloydWinter, P.C. will fight for you when your safeguards fail. We are in the heart of the Central Valley, but we serve clients across the entire state.

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I am an attorney myself, and I’ve worked with hundreds of lawyers in my career. I also run a small real estate fund, and unfortunately, we got into a sticky situation with title – specifically, there was an undisclosed lien, and since we already sold the property, title insurance wouldn’t defend. I hate that title company! In any case, we were almost served with a default judgment, but fortunately, Jody and the team saved us. They’re efficient, no-nonsense, and got the job done. We didn’t need to overpay, and we got a good result. I’ve worked with Jody before, and I would not hesitate to work with his firm again. 


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Jody Winter and his team have provided great legal service to me and my small business. I would highly recommend them.

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Mr. Winter was very helpful in helping me get a final bonus from my previous employer. He wrote several letters and helped with the negotiations with my employer's attorney.

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I couldn't have asked for better legal help. Sean never let me give up, believing in me until the very end. I hope I never need legal counsel again, but if I do this is where I'm going.