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Dallas Civil Litigation Attorneys

Lawsuits are a last resort, but sometimes, they're the only route to a fair resolution. In the city of Dallas, Texas, where business thrives and personal interests often intertwine, understanding the role of a civil litigation attorney is crucial.

Whether you're a small business owner facing a contract dispute, a landlord seeking to evict a non-compliant tenant, or a victim of an unjust employment termination, the right legal counsel can make all the difference.

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Civil Lawyer in Dallas: Defending Your Rights

Facing civil litigation, whether as the plaintiff or defendant, places an immense weight on your shoulders. Navigating this path requires not just legal expertise but a deep understanding of your unique situation and objectives.

At LloydWinter, P.C., our civil lawyers in Dallas are dedicated to providing personalized counsel and aggressive representation. From breach of contract cases to insurance claims, we strive to ensure your rights are protected and your voice heard in court.

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Insurance Claim Lawyer

Don't settle for less than you deserve when it comes to insurance claims. Our skilled insurance claim lawyers will advocate on your behalf, engaging with the insurance companies to get you the rightful compensation for your claims.

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Employment Litigation Dallas

Facing employment litigation in Dallas, whether as an individual employee or as a company, can be a highly stressful experience. The intricacies of employment law require a proficient lawyer who can guide you through discrimination claims, wrongful termination lawsuits, wage and hour disputes, and more.

At LloydWinter, P.C., we pride ourselves on our ability to provide tailored, effective legal representation to both individuals facing unjust workplace conditions and companies aiming to protect their interests in compliance with the law. Our approach is grounded in a deep understanding of both federal and Texas employment laws, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of advocacy and support throughout their cases.

Contract Litigation Dallas

In the business world, disputes over contracts often arise. At LloydWinter, P.C., our contract litigation team in Dallas specializes in resolving these conflicts, whether they involve a breach of contract, disagreements over contract terms, or issues related to the fulfillment of contractual obligations.

Construction Litigation

From contract disputes to construction defects, navigating complex construction litigation is best left to industry experts. Our team has extensive experience in safeguarding the interests of construction stakeholders.

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer in Dallas, TX

Real Estate Law in Dallas, TX

Real estate disputes and transactions in Dallas demand careful navigation. A seasoned real estate lawyer not only understands the fine print of property laws but also provides an invaluable perspective on local regulations and ordinances.

Whether you're negotiating a commercial lease, facing a boundary dispute, or dealing with zoning issues, the right attorney is instrumental. LloydWinter will work diligently to protect your investment, ensuring any transaction or litigation process aligns with your long-term interests.

Dallas Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Are you a landlord grappling with problematic tenants? Or a commercial tenant who believes their rights are being violated?  In either scenario, a Dallas landlord tenant lawyer can help you navigate the complex laws and regulations governing landlord-tenant relationships.

We can represent you in eviction proceedings, lease negotiations, and disputes over security deposits or rent payments. With our expertise, landlords and tenants alike can ensure their rights are protected and fairly enforced.

HOA and COA Laws

Living within a homeowners' association (HOA) or condominium owners' association (COA) in Dallas can offer numerous benefits, such as access to communal amenities and the assurance of a well-maintained neighborhood. However, it can also present unique legal challenges, ranging from disputes over bylaws to issues with assessments or the architectural committee. Navigating these litigation issues requires an attorney versed in HOA and COA laws.

At LloydWinter, P.C., we provide expert legal advice and representation to both associations and individual members. Whether you are facing enforcement actions, disputes over dues, or seeking to understand your rights within the community, our team is ready to assist you in resolving issues in a manner that protects your interests.

Commercial Lease Lawyer

Commercial lease disputes require an in-depth understanding of real estate law and a keen awareness of business operations and negotiations. Commercial leases often involve substantial investments and complex terms that can lead to disagreements between landlords and tenants.

Whether it's a dispute over lease conditions, rent increases, or property maintenance responsibilities, having a skilled commercial lease disputes lawyer on your side can be invaluable. At LloydWinter, P.C., we specialize in representing both commercial landlords and tenants, aiming to resolve disputes efficiently and with a focus on protecting your business interests.

Commercial Eviction and Other Property Disputes

When time is of the essence in commercial eviction or other property disputes, prompt legal action brings peace of mind. We'll guide you through the legal process and fight for a swift and just resolution.

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Efficient and No-nonsense

Brian Liu, Esq., Founder of LegalZoom and BizCounsel

I am an attorney myself, and I’ve worked with hundreds of lawyers in my career. I also run a small real estate fund, and unfortunately, we got into a sticky situation with title – specifically, there was an undisclosed lien, and since we already sold the property, title insurance wouldn’t defend. I hate that title company! In any case, we were almost served with a default judgment, but fortunately, Jody and the team saved us. They’re efficient, no-nonsense, and got the job done. We didn’t need to overpay, and we got a good result. I’ve worked with Jody before, and I would not hesitate to work with his firm again. 


Helpful and Professional

Mark Boddy, Larry Corona Construction, Inc.

Jody Winter and his team have provided great legal service to me and my small business. I would highly recommend them.

Winter Review


Mr. Winter was very helpful in helping me get a final bonus from my previous employer. He wrote several letters and helped with the negotiations with my employer's attorney.

Worked Hard on my Behalf


Jody Winter and the LloydWinter, P.C. team did a great job for me in a business litigation case that we had! They took on a bigger firm and worked hard on my behalf. I would highly recommend that you use them for any litigation matter you have.

Couldn't Have Asked for Better Legal Help


I couldn't have asked for better legal help. Sean never let me give up, believing in me until the very end. I hope I never need legal counsel again, but if I do this is where I'm going.