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When disputes arise – whether between businesses, contractors, landlords, tenants, or real estate – navigating the legal complexities of litigation in California can be daunting. At Lloyd Winter Law, we don't just handle cases; we craft winning strategies that testify to our unparalleled expertise and dedication in California litigation.

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California Civil Litigation

Civil litigation in California spans a broad range of disputes best tackled with the expertise of seasoned attorneys like those at LloydWinter.

Whether you're a business owner facing a contract breach, an employee with a workplace dispute, or you've been denied proper coverage from your insurance, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to represent your interests aggressively.

California Civil Litigation

Business Litigation

When business disputes can't be resolved through negotiation or mediation, it's time for litigation. Our team specializes in various areas of business litigation, assisting with claims of breach of contract, partnership disputes, unfair competition, and more. We understand the complexities of corporate structures, compliance, and regulatory landscapes, providing you with the edge your business needs.

California Construction Litigation Lawyers

Our extensive experience as California construction litigation lawyers gives us a distinctive edge. Whether it's a disagreement between contractors and subcontractors or a complex case involving construction defects, our assertive approach and meticulous preparation ensure we're always several moves ahead.

Mechanic’s Lien California

Getting paid in construction can often depend on knowing and using California's mechanic's lien laws well. At Lloyd Winter Law, we specialize in enforcing these liens, providing an ironclad strategy to ensure contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers are compensated for their work. Our team's expertise in mechanic's lien filings and aggressive litigation stance makes us the best choice for safeguarding your financial interests in any construction project.

Construction Litigation

The construction industry is full of possible disagreements, from contract issues to construction defects. LloydWinter's construction litigation team is equipped to handle a variety of concerns within the industry, protecting the rights and interests of property owners, developers, and contractors.

Employment Litigation

At Lloyd Winter Law, we stand firmly beside employees and employers alike amidst the complexities of employment litigation. California's employment laws are intricate, covering a wide expanse from wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, to wage and hour disputes.

With California being a focal point of progressive employment legislation, our team is rigorously trained and always up-to-date, ensuring your case is handled with the utmost precision and strength. Whether you're challenging unfair practices or defending your business against unfounded claims, Lloyd Winter Law is your indomitable ally in all matters of employment litigation.

Wrongful Termination California

Facing wrongful termination in California can feel like a catastrophic blow to your career and personal well-being. California law strongly protects employees from being fired on illegal grounds – whether due to discrimination, retaliation, or violation of public policy.

At Lloyd Winter Law, we harness the full might of California's employment protections to champion your rights. Our aggressive stance and deep understanding of California labor laws make us the go-to attorneys for protecting your rights and securing the compensation you deserve.

Insurance Claims

Dealing with insurance companies can feel like an uphill battle when disputing over coverage or benefits. Our attorneys work diligently to secure the compensation you are owed, whether that involves negotiating a fair settlement or litigating your case in court.

California Real Estate Law Attorney

California Real Estate Disputes

Real estate in California is a complex and competitive arena. Our team excels at all real estate disputes, including property sales, lease agreements, land use, and zoning laws, with unmatched proficiency.

Whether you're an investor, a developer, or a homeowner, facing a real estate dispute means engaging in a battle where the stakes are high and the outcomes critical. That's why our clients rely on us to stand firm, advocating confidently and resolving conflicts in their favor. Our firm's commitment to excellence and our assertive approach in the courtroom is why we are leaders in California real estate litigation.

California Landlord Tenant Law

Navigating landlord-tenant disputes in California demands a sophisticated understanding of state-specific laws. California's landlord-tenant law is complex, with stringent regulations on eviction, rent control, security deposits, and tenants' rights.

We've represented hundreds of landlords and commercial tenants in California, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved. No matter the dispute, our landlord tenant lawyers in California work tirelessly to protect your interests.

Commercial Eviction California

Commercial evictions require a sophisticated understanding of California real estate law.

For landlords, we deliver swift, decisive action to mitigate losses and maintain the value of your property. For tenants, we advocate for your rights and fight tenaciously to safeguard your business and your future.

Our record speaks for itself – we passionately negotiate and litigate, securing outcomes that exceed our client's expectations.

Commercial Lease Agreements California

When commercial lease disputes arise, swift and strategic action is crucial. Our lawyers provide a thorough analysis of your lease agreement, identify your rights, and work steadfastly toward a resolution that benefits your bottom line.

California Property Disputes

Boundary disputes, quiet title actions, and other property-related conflicts require skilled handling. We proactively approach dispute resolution, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of common law and California statutes to protect our client’s property rights.

HOA/COA Disputes in California

Disputes within Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and Condominium Owners Associations (COAs) in California present unique challenges. Under the Davis-Sterling Common Interest Development Act, California lays out specific guidelines for the governance of HOAs and COAs, setting the stage for our meticulous approach.

Our firm's in-depth experience with this act means we confidently guide our clients through disputes over governance, assessments, and compliance with association rules, providing strategies that are effective and tailored to California property owners' unique needs.

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Efficient and No-nonsense

Brian Liu, Esq., Founder of LegalZoom and BizCounsel

I am an attorney myself, and I’ve worked with hundreds of lawyers in my career. I also run a small real estate fund, and unfortunately, we got into a sticky situation with title – specifically, there was an undisclosed lien, and since we already sold the property, title insurance wouldn’t defend. I hate that title company! In any case, we were almost served with a default judgment, but fortunately, Jody and the team saved us. They’re efficient, no-nonsense, and got the job done. We didn’t need to overpay, and we got a good result. I’ve worked with Jody before, and I would not hesitate to work with his firm again. 


Helpful and Professional

Mark Boddy, Larry Corona Construction, Inc.

Jody Winter and his team have provided great legal service to me and my small business. I would highly recommend them.

Winter Review


Mr. Winter was very helpful in helping me get a final bonus from my previous employer. He wrote several letters and helped with the negotiations with my employer's attorney.

Worked Hard on my Behalf


Jody Winter and the LloydWinter, P.C. team did a great job for me in a business litigation case that we had! They took on a bigger firm and worked hard on my behalf. I would highly recommend that you use them for any litigation matter you have.

Couldn't Have Asked for Better Legal Help


I couldn't have asked for better legal help. Sean never let me give up, believing in me until the very end. I hope I never need legal counsel again, but if I do this is where I'm going.