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A Knowledgeable and Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney to Fight for You

Providing compassionate legal representation to patients and their families when their health care providers have caused pain, suffering or wrongful death through malpractice or negligence.


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Medical Malpractice

About the Firm

LloydWinter, P.C. is committed to assisting victims of negligence, malpractice or wrongful death from the hands of a health care provider. We understand the importance and weight of the situation and our experienced and knowledgeable firm is dedicated to representing your interests and fighting for you in your time of need.

Going through a painful and often devastating malpractice situation is a difficult experience. Without skilled and knowledgeable representation, your life may become even more complicated afterwards. By retaining the best possible counsel, you increase your odds of obtaining the compensation that you deserve, and using it to build a better future for yourself. Contact us today to begin.


Helpful and Professional


I have used Jody on two occasions and have been extremely happy with the service level he provided. In the first instance he was able to negotiate a favorable settlement. He was efficient and cognizant of my budget..."

Winter review


Mr. Winter was very helpful in helping me get a final bonus from my previous employer. He wrote several letters and helped with the negotiations with my employer's attorney.