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LloydWinter, P.C. is dedicated to education, service and helping to inform our community. Our blog below brings you different examples of our legal expertise, civil and personal law, and new or current laws that may affect you. Read below for more.


Judicial Efficiency

“Judicial efficiency” is a term that is often thrown about in courtrooms and pleadings. The concept, in…

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How to evict a tenant

When and How a Landlord Can Evict a Tenant

WHEN AND HOW CAN A LANDLORD EVICT A TENANT? Landlords may want to evict a tenant for…

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A lawsuit for a broken heart?

When love goes awry, revenge is often the first order of business.  After a slurry of lawsuits…

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WHY AM I BEING DEPOSED? Every party in litigation has the opportunity to conduct discovery, which is…

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Does it matter how I title my real property?

When you purchase a new home, there comes a point when you must check a box on…

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Fresno mediation lawyer

Hire Fresno Mediation Lawyer & Get Rid Of All the Headaches Of Litigation Of late, lawyers have…

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Form I-864 Support Affidavits

The Immigration and Nationality Act forbids admission to the United States of any individual who is likely…

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We all prefer to solve problems on our own. We’d love to resolve conflicts one-on-one, and come…

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Mediation Law in California

Mediation is a procedure in which the Arbitrator expedites communication between two or more parties to a…

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Never Hire a Bulldog Attorney

How many times have you heard the old idiom “if you have to hire an attorney, make…

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